Hybrid Air Jacket for iPhone and Pixel

Hybrid Air Jacket for iPhone and Pixel

Posted by Tim Lornag on on 13th Dec 2019

Shock Resistant Hybrid Air Jacket

Power Support has been making cases and Air Jackets for Apple’s iPhone since the very beginning. Our Silicone Jacket for the iPod was the first silicone case for the iPod on the market back in 2001. From the first release of the iPhone back in 2007 we have made our iconic Air Jacket, an ultra-thin, ultra-light polycarbonate case that was sleek and clear as glass. The challenge our engineers faced was to make a clear case that did not yellow with age; was thin but not brittle; and protected the iPhone from everyday bumps, scratches and dirt. A case that did not hinder the operation of the iPhone, was easy to use and did not add bulk and weight to the phone. Our Air Jacket was a great success. However, if you needed protection in extreme situations, you needed a case that was thick, opaque and bulky. Although it is impossible to protect your iPhone in every situation our engineers have developed a new, tougher, more resilient Air Jacket without sacrificing clarity, thinness and lightness.

Introducing the new Hybrid Air Jacket

The new Hybrid Air Jacket for the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro, the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the new Google Pixel 4 is made with PC/PMMA (polycarbonate/acrylic alloy), a high impact plastic blend with superior strength, high scratch resistance and extreme clarity. Because of this extra strength we are able to keep the Hybrid Air Jacket ultra-thin. This alone would be a great improvement, but we added a soft TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) bumper around all four edges of the Air Jacket. The TPU, a soft material that is easy to grip, is also extremely shock resistant and adds that little extra bit of protection. The TPU bumper is clear, like the rest of the case, so all you see is your new iPhone 11 Pro. You will hardly know the case is there.

Precise Engineering

Raised Ridge protects camera and screen

Power Support’s precise engineering and tooling ensures an exact fit with full functionality and access to the iPhone’s speakers, camera, buttons and lightning connector. The soft TPU bumper makes the application and removal of the Hybrid Air Jacket easier than ever. Superior protection without distraction. Other features include a raised ridge around the edge of the Air Jacket so when your iPhone is placed face down, the screen does not come into contact with the surface. The same is true around the opening for the camera lenses, adding additional protection.

It would be impossible to make a case that would protect your phone from every mishap and stay as thin and clear as the new Air Jacket Hybrid. We believe we have an Air Jacket that keeps to our high standards of thinness, lightness and clarity without distracting from the beauty of your phone while providing outstanding protection from dirt, scratches and bumps.