Introducing HYDROEDGE™ the next generation of screen protection from Power Support.

Introducing HYDROEDGE™ the next generation of screen protection from Power Support.

Posted by Timothy J Lorang on on 18th Oct 2021

Dropped tempered glass breaks

Power Support has developed the strongest, thinnest, best all around Glass Screen Protector for your iPhone available on the market. This is not empty bragging; it is a fact, backed up by rigorous laboratory testing and superior engineering. Power Support’s new HYDROEDGE™ Glass Screen Protector uses a unique Hydro ChemWash Technology that shapes and cuts the tempered glass with an exclusive chemical etching solution resulting in a tempered glass screen that is 5X stronger than any other major brand screen protector on the market and is an incredible 2mm thin. In addition to being an exceptionally strong, crack resistant glass, it uses our Anti-Finger Print (AFP) fluocoat coating technology to reduce fingerprints and provides extraordinary antibacterial protection. Oh, did we mention it reduces eye strain by blocking 33% of the blue light from your iPhone? Yeah, it does that too.

A stronger, thinner tempered glass

Rough cut v Hydroedge

Tempered glass is much stronger than regular glass and is most often used when strength is important, for example, it is used for automobile windows. When tempered glass is made a combination of thermal and chemical methods are used to compress and strengthen the outer layers while increasing the interior tensile stress. But there is a fundamental weakness in tempered glass and the way tempered glass screen protectors are made. Tempered glass is usually pressed into its final shape, for example with an automobile windshield, because any cutting or drilling after it is tempered will weaken the glass on the edge. The glass is most susceptible to breakage due to damage at its edge, where the tensile stress is the greatest. Tempered glass screen protectors are usually formed in one large glass sheet, and mechanically cut to fit the phone.

Rough Cut

The traditional way to cut these large tempered glass sheets is with a machine. This leaves tiny, microscopic scratches and flaws along the edge of the glass. Even small impacts to the edge of the tempered glass can further damage these small cracks. When these cracks reach the internal tensile strength layer the entire glass will break. That is why, when you drop your device or iPhone on its edge the screen protector is likely to crack. 50% off all cracks in tempered glass screen protectors are caused when the phone slips from your hand and lands on the edge.

Hydro Cut

Power Support’s unique Hydro ChemWash Technology shapes and cuts tempered glass with a special chemical etching solution. This results in a smooth edge and high tensile strength on all edges. Because of this special hydro etching process the Power Support HYDROEDGE™ Glass Screen Protector is five times (5X) stronger than any other major brand screen protector on the market. This process allows us to make a glass screen protector that is 2mm thin while most tempered glass screen protectors are about 5mm thick.

Pressure test You do not need to take our word for it. Laboratory tests prove that the Power Support HYDROEDGE™ is the strongest tempered glass screen on the market. For our strength comparison tests we took our film and compared it with seven of the leading glass screen film protectors on the market. In our tests we placed two pieces of glass film on an instrument plate at 2mm apart. A 20mm steel ball applied even vertical pressure on the screen edges and we measured at what point the screen cracked. All our competitor’s glass films with the film’s adhesive, measured an average 5mm thick. The HYDROEDGE™ measured just 3.2mm thin including the film’s adhesive. All the thicker glass films cracked when between 5 and 50 Kg of vertical pressure was applied to the screen’s edge. The average breaking point for the HYDROEDGE™ was 105.4 Ig of vertical pressure. Unparalleled edge strength for an incredibly thin tempered glass film.

Strength Test Comparison Table

Pressure Value(Kg)
Product Thickness(mm)
Class + Adhesive
1 2 3 Average
Power Support
HTDROEDGE Screen Protector
0.32 111.11 98.2 107.0 > 105.4
Ultra Glass Screen Protector
0.50 39.0 26.4 24.1 29.8
Invisible Shield Glass Elite+
0.50 54.0 48.9 55.2 52.7
0.50 28.3 24.3 27.6 26.7
Glass Screen Protector
0.50 6.8 5.8 5.5 6.0
Performance Plus Glass Series
0.50 12.7 12.3 101 11.7
Tech 21
Impact Glass Screen Proctor
0.51 7.8 9.0 11.3 9.4
Screen Protector
0.52 15.0 10.4 11.6 12.3

Anti-Finger Print and Anti-Bacterial

If the Power Support HYDROEDGE™ glass screen protector was the strongest, thinnest tempered glass on the market that would put it miles ahead of the competition, but there is more. The unique Anti-Fingerprint (AFP) technology virtually eliminates fingerprints and smudges from your screen. This protective Fluocoat coating covers the surface of the glass giving it an extra layer that blocks out oil, dirt, and bacteria. Oil and dirt normally found on your hands can adhere to glass surfaces or even penetrate the outer coating of plastic screen film protectors. This just gets worse for anyone whose hands come in contact with oils and chemicals commonly found in make-up, cooking ingredients, massage oils, or mechanical equipment. With our AFP coating when the glass gets dirty you simply wipe it clean. This does not mean it is impossible to get a fingerprint on the screen. It means that the dirt and oils found naturally on your fingers and hands can be easily wiped away, giving you a clean, vibrant surface.

Fluocoat has amazing antibacterial properties. Bacteria just does not stick to the surface. Test after test has shown that bacterial activity actually decreases on the HYDROEDGE™ glass screen surface.

Blue Light Protection

Blue Light Range

Blue light is part of the visible light spectrum and is most common in sunlight. In fact, blue light is necessary to keep us awake and energized and helps regulate our circadian rhythm. The problem arises from the blue light emitted by our computer, iPad, and iPhone screens. Too much exposure to blue light, especially in the evening, can interrupt our circadian rhythm and interfere with our sleep. High amounts of blue light can also cause damage to the retina.

Power Support’s HYDROEDGE™ blocks 33% of blue light (on average). Visible light waves vary in length from red light at 700 nanometers (nm) to violet light at 380nm. On the light spectrum blue light is between 500nm and 380nm, close to the light we cannot see, such as ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light can also damage the eye. Blue light peaks about 400 nm. The blue light

Transmission of HYDROEDGE

Protection in the HYDROEDGE™ is adjusted to decrease the blue light to around 450nm and largely cuts off the blue light wavelength around 380nm. We do not cut off the wavelengths outside of the blue light range. Some products say they cut out 90% of blue light. If this were true what normally looks blue on your screen would be a green color. The HYDROEDGE™ carefully balances the cutoff rate with the visible blue light. This helps protect your eyes while giving you a clear, true image on your iPhone.

Available Now

The Power Support HYDROEDGE™ tempered glass screen protector is the strongest, thinnest, most crack resistant tempered glass screen on the market. It not only provides superior screen protection, the Fluocoat coating protects against fingerprints and bacteria while our blue light filter protects your eyes. There has never been a better tempered glass screen on the market and now it is exclusively available from Power Support.


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